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Inspiration behind POP and why you should visit!

Inspiration behind POP and why you should visit!
17/10/2019 Hailey Ward
In Journal

Algarve inspiration behind POP and why you should visit!

From a young age, Courtney and I have spent some great times together in the Algarve. We were both at school there for a few years and try to visit as much as we can. Drawing on your own experiences and memories is a lovely, sentimental way of putting a bit of  yourself into what you create. Portugal is a really special place and somewhere we both think you should visit. 

In our opinion, The Portuguese have got it right. The food and atmosphere of most small towns are understated. Simplicity threads its self through everything and is beautifully illustrated by the bold and pastel colours that adorn doorways and window shutters.

There are so many things we love about Portugal, here are a select few!

Coffee! (café com Leite) – it is taken very seriously over there and you will find a cafe on almost every other street. For a small fee of 1euro, you cannot go wrong. They always serve the coffee in the cutest cups!

Silves – a small picturesque town, with the most stunning scenery and hundreds of orange tree’s. Walking along the cobbled streets will make you believe that time has stopped. This is where we take a lot of our photos for our shoots.

Buildings – endless winding backstreets, where you’ll find a vast array of traditional tiled buildings and Portuguese locals. There are so many beautiful tiles everywhere, the colours and patterns have given us a lot of inspiration for our upcoming AW 19 pieces.

Fresh food and markets – Bright and simple salads served with almost everything. A trip to the Saturday market in Silves. It’s about a 40 minute walk from our home and the country walk is one of our favourites. You’ll find fresh figs, honey, fish and beautifully packaged sardine pate.



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