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5 Independent Brands We Love

5 Independent Brands We Love
27/11/2019 Hailey Ward
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Independent Brands We Love


We’re all about independent brands, and we get so excited when we discover something new which we can recommend! 


1:  Wilhelmina Garcia @wilhelminagarcia – Designer Rocio Canals designs and handcrafts all jewellery at her studio in Barcelona. She works with precious and semi-precious stones which are sourced from around the world. The collections are made of 18kt gold and silver ethically conflict-free. We adore their cute rings and the Daisy necklace!


2:  Fritz Coffee Company @fritzacoffeecompany – A lovely coffee shop based in Seoul. We’ve never been but came across them on Instagram and we are obsessed with the brand design!


3:  Poppy Undies @poppyundies – Emily Labowe is based in LA and adds embroidered designs to cotton undies. Love her very delicate and unique underwear <3 Especially the fruity designs!


4: Oceania Skincare @oceanaskincare – Denmark based natural skincare brand.  Natural skincare made with native Australian ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals. They are big on sustainability and their vision is to create awareness of the fragility of our oceans. They support organizations that help with this by donating  10% of their profits! The packaging is beautiful too.

5: Seol + Gold @seolgold – Divine jewellery which doesn’t cost the earth! The word Seol originates from the Anglo-Saxon word for silver Seolfor which was originally used for sterling coins. We’ve both bought a couple of rings and have added more on our Christmas lists! Find the chunkiest gold hoops and cute charm earrings!

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